Canson Certified Printer and Master Printer Process:

 1. Printer profiling test chart files and detailed instructions for their printing, annotating, packaging and delivery are electronically sent to the printer.

2. On receipt of correctly printed test charts, we measure and analyse them, remove redundancies and smooth the data, then generate a custom RGB profile for each of the selected Canson papers that incorporates Les Walkling’s custom Perceptual Tables.

3. The profiles are electronically delivered to the printer along with detailed instructions for their installation and use.

4. A Canson Printer Verification File is also electronically sent to the printer with instructions for printing through their new custom profiled workflow. This includes the working colour space, print size and an outline of our testing procedure and evaluation criteria as follows:

• Dynamic range

• Printer resolution

• Gamut volume and gradation

• Gamut compression and smoothness

• Chromaticity – hue & saturation separation

• Spatial dimensionality and shadow separation

5. The printed Verification File is packaged and sent back for quality control.

6. We will measure the defined areas in each Verification Test Print against the first five criteria. The sixth criteria (Spatial dimensionality) is evaluated by visual comparison with a Master Print we have made from the same file.

7. An electronic report is issued that includes traffic light symbols against each criteria indicating either Pass, Investigate, or Fail. Any areas that fail include practical recommendations for im- provement. A site visit can also be arranged if needed to help facilitate this.

8. The Verification Test File evaluation is repeated every twelve months and an electronic report is issued along with a certificate of compliance.

9. Every twelve months a free evening seminar is also presented. The topics are a mixture of current best practices in the fine art of digital print making, and a report from different printers as to their successes.

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