The Benefits:


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These are screen snapshots of Photoshop Soft Proofs of the same image when viewed through both profiles using the Perceptual intent with Simulate Paper Colour and Black Ink on.

The differences in the actual prints are much greater than these screen snapshots illustrate because of the greater colour gamut of the Epson printers compared to an sRGB webpage. Saying that we hope you still can appreciate the huge benefits a Canson Certified ICC profile can make to your printing.

All ICC profiles made thru the Canson Certified Printer program are made with the exclusive perceptual table made by Dr Les Walkling.

 Other benefits:

• Superior correlation between PK and MK profile renderings.

• Superior shadow separation and detail, particularly in MK profiles.

• Superior Dmax (maximum black).

• Superior neutrality relative to paper colour.

• Superior linearisation – even tonal progression.

• Superior chromaticity – colour definition and separation.

• More accurate paper white points and paper colour differences.

• Smoother and more lustrous skin tones (and other smooth areas).

• Far greater luminosity – a glowing presence.

• Far greater depth and dimensionality – the illusion of a third dimension.

• Certification is a tool used to set oneself apart from the competition and gain a competitive edge in today’s economy.

• Certification, sometimes more than price, can be a deciding factor when individuals are looking for a service provider.

• Benefits from the knowledge of experts from Canson, Kayell Australia and Dr Les Walkling.

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